“Outline” by Rachel Cusk – book review

One-sentence review: A quiet, thoughtful and seductive look into other people’s fears and relationships. 

Slightly longer review:

Outline has received rave reviews from seemingly everyone for two main reasons. Firstly, it’s beautifully written. Secondly, it is not a normal novel.

Although it’s written in the first person, the entire book is made up of stories that are told to the narrator, a female writing teacher running a course in Athens.

The cast of confidants – from an aging Greek lothario who sits next to her on the plane to Athens right through to her many varied students, friends and friends of friends – all divulge (and sometimes confess) to her stories of broken relationships, fears and preoccupations.

Some books grab you from the first page – others grow on you only after you finish them. For me, Outline is in the latter category, largely because the scenes and tales are so well rendered they leave a mark.

If you don’t mind a slower, more meditative book, this is definitely worth giving a shot.

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