My high school careers counsellor said I'd never amount to anything – yet here are three books I've written. Take that, Mrs O'Brien!

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Welcome to a small Aussie town where the violence is rampant and the humidity’s hell

Ben doesn’t like being a nude model in a small country town. Then again, the local footballers don’t like their girlfriends ogling Ben.

Broke and lonely, Ben falls for Marty, the ambitious and violent young woman rapidly taking over her brother’s drug and gun-running trade.

Once Ben gets pulled into their dark world of bikies and crime, he discovers a new level of violence that makes the footballers seem harmless – especially when his only friend is then murdered.


Drowning in the Shallows

David’s journalism students petrify him. Then again, so does his cat.

His girlfriend broke up with him, he writes about bars for a dying newspaper that’s abandoned news reporting for lifestyle articles, and he’s desperately searching for meaning amongst the backdrop of Sydney’s shallow social scene. 

Then he meets a young woman who just might be the answer. The only problem is, she’s a friend of one of his students.

Drowning in the Shallows is a comedy about heartache, a coming-of-age tale about a man in his 30s, a satire of society and a torrid love story about a man and his beloved evil cat.

The front and back cover of Drowning in the Shallows, a satire on Sydney society

Non fiction

Dealing with grumpy editors

This is a guide – actually, it’s THE guide – for those in PR, communications and small business who need to pitch stories to the media.  

Written by a former (and grumpy) Sydney Morning Herald editor, this book will show what to do (and not to do) when sending press releases and giving pitches to journalists and editors.